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Krakow nightlife, bars in Krakow, pubs in Krakow, Krakow clubs, Krakow nightclubs

Krakow is the capital of Poland’s nightlife. There are a few hundred bars, pubs and clubs in the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz – all within walking distance. Krakow bars are famous for being located underground in medieval cellars, what gives them a really unique appearance. Krakow offers various styles of nightlife to suit everybody, from jazz to hardcore house and techno clubs. All this, combined with the delicious Polish beers and cocktails based on the famous Polish vodka will definitely make your Krakow nightlife experience a memorable one :)


Krakow restaurants, Krakow places to eat, eating in Krakow

 Krakow restaurants cover a wide range of cuisines, from oriental like Thai or Indian through classic European like French, Italian or Spanish to the delicious Polish traditional specialities. Hundreds of nicely decorated restaurants are located in the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. They are reasonably priced comparing to Western standards and, what is really nice, if you don’t like the service you don’t have to tip :)


Shopping in Krakow

Shopping in Krakow is also a good idea for spending your free time. Lots of shopping centres provide high quality goods, from fashionable outfits to famous Polish souvenirs like amber or crystal glass. Shopping in Krakow will definitely make you save money and bring home lots of nice things.


Christmas in Krakow, Krakow Christmas market

Spending a weekend in Krakow during Christmas is one of the best ideas for a winter break. The famous Krakow Christmas market located on the Main Square tempts tourists from all over the world with its range of local goods and souvenirs. You can taste the famous grilled Polish highlanders cheese, sausages and mulled wine there and also buy great Christmas products, some of them being hand made by local Krakow artists specifically for Christmas.


Krakow concerts, Krakow opera

As Krakow is the capital of Polish art and culture, lovers of classical music won’t be bored here for sure. Every week Krakow classical music orchestras perform Chopin and other Western composer standards in the beautiful old Krakow churches. Krakow Opera also provides a very interesting programme.


Gay Krakow

Krakow and Warsaw are definitely the most gay friendly cities in Poland. Krakow gay scene consists of a few gay friendly guest houses and several gay focused bars and clubs providing modern and funky music, which are always crowded.


Krakow dentists

Poland is famous for top quality dentists at bargain prices comparing to Western standards. Krakow dentists are very well educated, speak English fluently and provide professional service for really competitive prices.


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